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Public Holidays in February 2018 in Taiwan
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Re:  Public Holidays in February 2018 in Taiwan

29 January 2018
Dear Associates and Clients, 

We are most obliged to you for the continued support and assistance you and your colleagues have kindly extended to us over this Year of the Rooster. 

Before opening up a new page of the lunar calendar, we’d like to inform you our office will be closed in line with the Taiwan IPO and all other public functions next month as follows:

-- from 15 through 20 February 2018 (Thursday - Tuesday) for the Lunar New Year holidays; and 

-- on 28 February 2018 (Wednesday) for the 228 Peace Memorial Day.

Deadlines for actions falling on any of the above dates will be moved down to the first business day that follows, namely 21 February (Wednesday) and 1 March (Thursday) respectively when we will resume our services.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and understanding.  We wish you and your colleagues good health and booming, prosperous business in the upcoming new Year of the Dog.  

Best regards,

TIPLO Attorneys-at-Law /
also Taiwan International Patent & Law Office