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Investment & Corporation

Legal & Corporate Division/Corporate & Investment Dept.

Investment Environment

Doing business in Taiwan can be more rewarding than ever before.

Because of a series of liberalizations and privatizations in various industries, domestic investment has experienced steady growth during the late 90s. As if to match the sophisticated image its computer and semi-conductor manufacturing industries have created, the whole island has undergone a rush of infrastructure renovation from utility supplies to the telecommunication network.Due to Taiwan's financial and technological power, many foreign investors have taken part in various infrastructure projects.


The licensing business has boomed since the late 90s. As more foreign patentees recognize the manufacturing and marketing ability of Taiwanese competitors, they not only beef up their patent strategy but further strengthen their enforcement schemes. Licensing programs are more actively utilized when patentees foresee that Taiwanese competitors can circumvent the patent at issue by filing their own patents in the future, based on their own growing R&D capabilities. This phenomenon will carry on so long as Taiwan's manufacturing capability continues to develop.

Aside from its successful record with licensing arrangements and enforcement actions, TIPLO has further strengthened its proficiency by incorporating the Information Center into its operations to provide full-scale market search services that can monitor the actions of any targeted or potentially infringing party.

Corporate Matters

Corporate affairs including joint ventures, stock issuance, contracts and agreements for construction and manufacturing are among the specialties of the Corporate & Investment Department.