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IP Division/Patent Dept. 

TIPLO has been devoted to patent prosecution in Taiwan since 1965. Aside from the experience garnered from the hundreds of thousands of filings, prosecutions and publications handled by us, TIPLO has utilized all possible resources to further elevate the quality of its work.

We begin by recruiting a large staff of the most talented and seasoned patent engineers and attorneys in Taiwan. Our more than forty-five technical engineers feature a wide range of specialty areas, and the work experience of each engineer is between eight to fifteen years. Most of the engineers are around forty years of age, a similar age to the patent examiners in Taiwan, giving TIPLO fresh contacts with current technologies and open channels of communication with the examining authorities, while more senior staff, with more than twenty years of experience, supervise.

The multi-lingual ability of TIPLO engineers prevents most of the problems caused by the fact that many cited references in patent prosecutions are in different languages.

Following founder M. S. Lin's policy to sharpen the tools of each staff member, TIPLO has sent scores of its engineers to training programs presented by the Franklin Pierce Law Center in New Hampshire, USA, the Hatumei Kyokai in Japan, and other authoritative institutes. We also take advantage of our innovative office automation facilities by implementing in-house training programs on a weekly basis.

TIPLO's state-of-the-art computer network, where all published patents and trademarks in Taiwan are maintained and operated by in-house programmers, serves our engineers efficiently in patent searches required during various stages of patent work. We assist our clients to grasp and analyze current trends in the law by monitoring Taiwan's patent practice and provide counsel and representation in all areas of the protection of intellectual property. Patent maintenance and annuity payment services are provided under the computer monitoring system coupled with strict manual checks by experienced staff.

Naturally, our clients enjoy all of the benefits of TIPLO's constant investment in both facilities and staff training. Enhancing work quality is a central goal in TIPLO's quest for better service for its clients.