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Legal & Corporate Division/ Litigation Dept.

In Taiwan, IP related legal issues are governed by a wide array of legislation and the interweaving effects of each law complicate the scope of rights that can be claimed by interested parties. While the law provides all types of rights, the ability to effectively enforce them in a system where older laws have been modernized, and is therefore full of kaleidoscopic and subtle changes, has become very important in managing business in Taiwan. 


As a law firm, TIPLO has developed expertise in various types of litigation throughout the past decades. TIPLO's services are supported by a battalion of experienced attorneys specializing in areas including general civil litigation, criminal procedure, unfair competition, anti-trust, product liability, real estate, corporate affairs, labor and employment law, and the enforcement of IP rights.

TIPLO has been among the top firms specializing in IP enforcement since the 80s. Our reputation as a reliable IP & general practice law firm has been strengthened by the impressive record we attained in several pioneer cases. In the PENTEL® Case, where protection of the trade-dress of a stationery product was at issue, we successfully presented and won our case thereby cultivating the ground on which the Fair Trade Law was later legislated.


TIPLO's reputation in the IP enforcement area is built upon the firm's commitment to take timely actions based on the sharpest legal opinions, which has further distinguished us from the most tried firms in Taiwan. The technical support offered by our patent engineers provides our clients with high-quality appraisal at each step of a patent matter. Because we are on the cutting edge of law and technology, our clients can expect the highest caliber of representation.

With the accumulated volume of our practice in IP enforcement, TIPLO enjoys a relationship of mutual trust and respect with our selected private investigators and the law enforcement bodies such as the prosecutor's offices and police stations island-wide.


Pro-bono work has traditionally been sought by TIPLO as a way to repay the community. TIPLO founder M. S. Lin's dedication to social and judicial reform set an example for the firm to continue its role in sponsoring programs and providing legal services in cases where the cause accords with TIPLO's ideals.