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Patent analysis on Taiwan’s green energy industry from 2005 through 2015
E161208Y1 | Jan. 2017(E206) Back    
The Taiwan IPO conducted patent analysis on Taiwan’s seven major green energy industries (including solar photovoltaics, LED lighting, biofuels, energy information and communication technology, clean energy (terrestrial heat and wind force), fuel cell, and lithium-ion battery electric vehicles) based on the number of green energy related patent applications filed, distribution in IPC (international patent classification) and also by taking into consideration the possible domestic policies or external factors that will cause influence on the number of patent applications. 

According to the analysis, there had been a total of 33,505 published applications filed for green energy-related patents from 2005 through 2015, including 15,434 applications filed by Taiwanese nationals (46%) and 18,071 (54%) by foreign nationals.  The total number of applications filed by foreign nationals is slightly ahead of those filed by Taiwanese nationals, while Taiwanese nationals take the lead in the number of applications filed for the patents with respect to “energy information and communication technology”, “lithium-ion battery electric vehicles”, and “clean energy (terrestrial heat, wind force)”.  That is, Taiwanese nationals had filed 3,483 applications for patents regarding “energy information and communication technology” (accounting for 22.6% of the total number of Taiwanese nationals-filed applications), 2,293 applications for patents regarding “lithium-ion battery electric vehicles” (14.9%), and 251 applications for patents regarding “clean energy (terrestrial heat, wind force)” (1.7%).  (December 2016)