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IBM stays top on the 2016 US patent recipients ranking
E170110Y1 | Feb. 2017(E207) Back    
The US saw a total of 304,126 patent grants throughout the year of 2016, the most on record, and IBM again holds the No. 1 slot, at which it has stayed for 24 consecutive years.  

According to IFI Claims Patent Services’ statistics, IBM acquired 8,088 patents in 2016, up 9.97% (733 patents) over 2015, the most patent counts ever in a single year. 

The top five companies that accounted for the most US patents in 2016 are the same ones that dominated the 2015 ranking of top patent recipients.  Close on No. 1 IBM’s heels, Samsung remained at No. 2 with 5,518 patents, followed by Japan-based Canon which earned 3,665 patents at No. 3.  Qualcomm also held onto its position at No. 4 with 2,897 patents, and Google chased closely behind at No. 5 with 2,835 patents.  Taiwan-based TSMC broke into the top 10 listing at No. 9 with 2,288 patents.  

IFI stated that Asian companies have been motivated to earn more and more US patents, while US companies have not been lagging behind.  On the contrary, Japan indeed saw its sluggish growth in 2016.  Among the top 50 US patent recipients, US companies and Japanese companies accounted for 17 slots, respectively.  Asian companies, however, occupied 26 slots.  (January 2017)