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China remains on top of the ranking of trademark applications filed in Taiwan for 2016
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 On February 7, 2017, the Taiwan IPO released the 2016 statistics of trademark applications filed for registration in Taiwan.  For the whole year of 2016, the Taiwan IPO had received a total of 79,300 trademark applications for registration, among which 57,548 applications were filed by Taiwan nationals and 21,752, by foreign nationals, both seeing slight growth from 2015.

 The top five countries (regions) from which most foreign applicants come are China (4,281 applications), taking the first place ahead of the US (3,735 applications), Japan (3,669 applications), Hong Kong (1,541 applications), and Korea (1,447 applications).  For Chinese applications, there was a 9% increase, 362 applications more than those filed in 2015.  The increase both in growth rate and number of applications filed brings China to the top position again and also sets a record high in the past five years.  In addition, four of the top five trademark filing countries (regions) are in Asia, which shows these Asian enterprises’ active expansion of trademark portifolios in Taiwan.  (February 2017)