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E-Lead Electronic Co., Ltd. to appeal copyright infringement case filed by Cub Elecparts Inc.
E170331Y3.E170330Y3 | Apr. 2017(E209) Back    

 E-Lead Electronic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “E-Lead”) made an announcement on March 30, 2017 to the effect that the Taiwan IP Court has rendered a first-instance judgment on the copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Cub Elecparts Inc. (hereinafter “Cub”) against E-Lead on October 20, 2015 over E-Lead’s alleged infringement upon Cub’s copyright in and to its machine codes by E-Lead’s TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) and programmer products, and the IP Court awarded monetary damages in an amount of TWD166,000,000 payable by E-Lead to Cub and E-Lead shall also run a notice of apology in local newspapers. 

 E-Lead also clarified that the products in dispute were simply provided to foreign customers for testing and they involved a declared value of around hundreds of thousands only (TWD).  For avoiding further disputes, E-Lead, however, had also voluntarily recalled part of these products.  The disproportionate amount of damages caused E-Lead to appeal this case to the higher court upon its receipt of the written judgment.  (March 2017)