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Taiwan earns recognition at Nano Tech 2017 for sub-nano positioning technology
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 Taiwan has again earned international recognition for precision technology with a breakthrough of nanotechnology.  Department of Mechanical Engineering of National Taiwan University and Institute of Physics of the Academia Sinica have gained recognition at the Nano Tech 2017, the world’s largest nanotechnology fair, after their 7-year cooperation in developing sub-nano positioning technology and also in commercialization with the support given by the MOST Germination Program (Ministry of Science and Technology).  Following Germany, US, and Japan, Taiwan becomes the fourth country that possesses the core technology and successfully implements commercialization thereof. 

 The sub-nano positioning technology serves as the basis of nanotechnology and also the key to ultra-precision positioning, representing a commercial value of USD8.5 billion approximately in 2018 (TWD26 billion). 
 Sub-nano positioning technology has been applied to nano X-ray microscope, atomic force microscope, electron microscope and also to most of the experiment equipment used in the Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica.  Besides, Taiwan’s technology has also been used by the universities and research institutes in Germany, US, Denmark, and Japan.  (March 2017)