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Fake version of Nintendo’s Famicom Classic Mini consoles involves high value of TWD300 million
E170504X2.E170504X3 | Jun. 2017(E211) Back    

 In November 2016, a wave of nostalgia swept over local and international video game market as a result of Nintendo’s launch of the Classic Mini Family Computer (hereinafter the “Famicom Classic Mini”) and the Famicom Classic Mini consoles were soon snapped up by video gamers after restocking at that time.  Following the nostalgic trend, a suspect surnamed Chen (“Chen”) was arrested by the second company of Criminal Investigation Brigade under the Second Special Police Corps for holding a total of 808 fake Famicom Classic Mini consoles, 183 handheld game consoles (both of which contained 400 illegal copies of games) and also fake 106 packaging boxes in his house, all of which involved the value of more than TWD300 million.

 Targeting the foreseeable profits brought by this trend, Chen imported a lot of fake Famicom Classic Mini from China and sold them online at low prices to gain illegal profits in an accrued amount of several hundred thousands, for which the police had referred Chen to Taichung District Prosecutors Office for investigation for his allegedly violation of Taiwan Trademark Act and Taiwan Copyright Act.  (May 2017)