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Taiwan is the 14th most competitive economy worldwide in the 2017 IMD World Competitiveness Ranking
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 The Switzerland-based International Institute for Management Development (IMD) issued the 2017 IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, according to which Taiwan maintained its 2016 ranking at the 14th position among the 63 assessed economies and also placed 3rd in the Asic-Pacific region, following Hong Kong and Singapore, in that order.

 The IMD World Competitiveness Ranking rates the 63 economies based on a lot of criteria which are grouped into four main categories of government efficiency, economic performance, business efficiency, and infrastructure.  Taiwan ranked No. 10 in government efficiency worldwide, its best score this year, and climbed three notches from No. 15 in 2016 to No. 12 in economic performance this year.  In addition, Taiwan was No. 15 in the business efficiency area, while came in at No. 21 in the infrastructure sector. 

 Besides, Taiwan ranked 12th in digital competitiveness globally and 3rd in Asia Pacific region, behind Singapore and Hong Kong.  The Digital Competitiveness Ranking assesses economies by three main indicators which are knowledge, technology, and future readiness.  Taiwan finished 7th in technology and 16th both in both knowledge and future readiness.  Compared with its performance in 2016, Taiwan made its most progress in future readiness by surging from No. 22 to No. 16 in that indicator. (June 2017)