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IP Court sustains Giga Solar Materials’ non-infringement upon Heraeus’ invention patent
E170710Y1 | Aug. 2017(E213) Back    

 In June 2015, Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken LLC (“Heraeus”) initiated an action with Taiwan IP Court against Giga Solar Materials Corp. (“Giga”) over the alleged patent infringement that Giga infringed upon Heraeus’ invention patent under Reg. No. I432539, titled “Electrically Conductive Paste for Forming the Electrodes of Solar Cells” by the front-side silver paste product for solar cells under the item no. 590, 590A, 600, 610, and 620 made and sold by Giga.  In July 2015, Giga initiated a counterclaim that Heraeus violated the Taiwan Fair Trade Act and the “FTC Disposal Directions (Guidelines) on the Reviewing of Cases Involving Enterprises Issuing Warning Letters for Infringement on Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Rights”.  On July 7, 2017, the IP Court rendered a judgment on this case, finding that Giga does not infringe upon Heraeus’ said invention patent and that the actions initiated by and the motions for provisional execution filed by both sides are dismissed.  (July 2017)