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Taipei snatches 5th spot as one of the most high-tech cities around the world
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 The American business site, Business Insider compiled a list of 85 cities around the world and named 25 of them as the most high-tech cities and ranked them based on 10 factors relating to technological advancement chosen by 2thinknow, a research firm engaged in analyzing innovative cities.  The 10 factors include the number of patents filed per capita, startups, tech venture capitalists, ranking in other innovation datasets, and level of smartphone use, etc..  San Francisco comes in first, followed by New York (No. 2), London (No. 3), Los Angeles (No. 4), and Taipei (No. 5); Taipei surpasses its competitors of the same region to be the only Asian city claiming the top 5 ranking of the most high-tech cities. 

 According to 2thinknow’s analysis, Taipei has been ahead of other cities in the aspect of industrial design, and hardware, instead of software, is always the focus of developments in Taipei for years.  Moreover, some of the largest PC companies, including Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and Acer, originate in this city.  Taipei also has a lot of venture capitalists.  (August 2017)