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“Intellectual Property and Computer Crime Communication Platform” established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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 The “Intellectual Property and Computer Crime Communication Platform” for Kaohsiung metropolitan has been officially established since August 15, 2017 for the purpose of immediate investigative measures to be taken, through the immediate communication on the Platform, by the police and the investigation authority as commanded by prosecutors whenever any suspected IP and computer crimes are sighted and uncovered.  The functioning of the said Platform will enable the police and investigation authority to promptly bust criminals and also seize and confiscate all criminal tools and earnings and ultimately to impede crimes. 

 Mr. ZHOU Zhang-Qi, Chief Prosecutor of Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office, pointed out the insufficient power for IP rights protection even though periodical forums with enterprises have been held for information exchanging.  To strengthen IPR protection power and energy, the said Platform is created and successfully established through the cross-office collaboration between Chief Prosecutor Zhou of Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office and Chief Prosecutor WANG Jun-Li of Qiaotou District Prosecutors Office.  It is expected that the investigation on IP and computer crime cases in the Kaohsiung metropolitan can be integrated by means of the horizontal urgent reporting and communication functions of the said Platform, so as to identify and solve all relevant problems and ultimately to enhance investigative efficiency and protect the enterprises’ and people’s rights.

 According to Chief Prosecutor WANG Jun-Li of Qiaotou District Prosecutors Office, Qiaotou District Prosecutors Office has received a total of 251 cases involving IP and computer crimes since their official establishment on September 1, 2016.  He also talked about the great importance of trade secrets protection to enterprises and also the severe adverse impact on enterprises’ development advantages and product competitiveness caused by insufficient protection.  Now with the said Platform, the well functioning communication on the said Platform will be able to timely preserve relevant evidence at the beginning of any cases and to upgrade investigation performance.  The rights of the residents and enterprises of the Kaohsiung metropolitan can be well protected accordingly. 

 The above mentioned two prosecutors offices will take turn to hold the regular meetings for the said Platform for every six months, through which they will exchange information from all sectors, build team consensus, strengthen professional knowledge, and bring about the synergy of crime combating. (August 2017)