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TSH Biopharm sued China Chemical & Pharmaceutical over patent infringement
E171013X1.E171013X4 | Nov. 2017(E216) Back    

 TSH Biopharm Co., Ltd. (“TSH Biopharm”) announced that on September 20, 2017 they initiated a civil action asserting patent infringement and Fair Trade Act violation against China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“CCPC”), which is to avoid prejudice caused by CCPC’s unfair competition to their major product, the blood pressure control medicine, Amtrel tablets that involves sales of TWD2.5 hundred million per year.  CCPC responded to TSH Biopharm’s accusation that neither the composition nor packaging design of their product involves the occurrence of patent infringement and Fair Trade Act violation as alleged by TSH Biopharm.

 This patent infringement action has entered into judicial proceeding.  As the parties to this civil action are TWSE or GTSM listed companies, this civil action has drawn much attention from the industry.  (October 2017)