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Elan Microelectronics and EETI settles patent infringement lawsuit
E170929Y1 | Nov. 2017(E216) Back    

 According to Elan Microelectronics Corp.’s (“Elan”) announcement, Elan filed a patent infringement lawsuit with the Taiwan IP Court for seeking damages against eGalax_eMPIA Technology Inc. (“EETI”) on June 23, 2015, claiming that EETI infringed upon Elan’s Taiwanese invention patent No. I489176 titled “A screen control module of a mobile electronic device and its controller” by EETI’s touch panel controller product.  The two-year long lawsuit concluded with a successful settlement reached by and between Elan and EETI in writing at the Taiwan IP Court under a mutual consensus that both parties would continue their co-existence and co-prosperity status by focusing their respective product promotion and strengthening their respective global market layout.  (September 2017)