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Asus on top of Best Global Taiwan Brands for five straight years
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 According to the press release issued by the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA, Asustek Computer Inc. (“Asus”) has created an outstanding record of remaining on top of the Best Global Taiwan Brands list for five straight years.  As indicated by the 2017 Best Global Taiwan Brands list released on November 21, 2017, Cathay Financial, as a newcomer on the list, ranked No. 7, making a good debut on the ranking.  Following Cathay Financial, 85°C Bakery Café demonstrated the strongest growth by 16% in brand value to come in at No. 8. 

 The 2017 Best Taiwan Global Brands survey was conducted by Interband, the world’s leading brand consultancy firm, and the rankings were based on the same standards Interband has applied to assist the Business Week in assessing the Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands.  This year, the aggregate brand value of the top 20 rose 2.9 percent from last year.  Among the top 20 valuable brands, Asus has held onto the first position by its smartphone products and entry into gaming PC arenas with an estimated brand value of USD1.678 billion.  The annual rankings are also featured by Cathay Financial’s first appearance on the list to claim the 7th place through its visible performance in expanding businesses abroad, which demonstrates the capabilities and competitiveness of Taiwan’s financial service industry in the global market.  Following Cathay Financial, 85°C Bakery Café visualizes the same strength in the retail realm to boost its brand value by upgrading retailing store services and enhancing customer experiences in stores.

 Rounding out this year’s top 20 brands are the representatives from a diverse array of industries which include consumer electronics (Asus, Acer, and HTC), IT (Advantech, MediaTek, and Delta Electronics), sports and health (Giant, Merida, and Johnson), financial services (CTBC, Cathay, and Chailease), food and beverages (Want Want, 85°C Bakery Café, Uni-President), among which, three Taiwanese brands present two digit growth and they are 85°C Bakery Café (No. 8, with 16% brand value growth), Advantech (No. 6, with 11% brand value growth), and Delta (No. 15, with 11% brand value growth)

 Interband sorts out and identifies three significant tendencies of the Taiwan Global Brands development for Taiwan-based enterprises and companies to fit in with, which are (1) domination of the “Age of You” to create brand experience, (2) corporate alliance to drive cross-border innovation, and (3) brand upgrading to expand business scope and prospect.  First of all, for dominating the “Age of You” to create brand experience, enterprises must make more products of human-centered design by communicating with consumers, who live in a world riddled with all kinds of information and face diverse needs and options for products.  Moreover, cross-border cooperation by or among enterprises in different industries will bring about powerful effects to provide consumers with all-round brand services.  Last but not least, for upgrading brand and expanding business scope and prospect, Taiwanese brands must go to and penetrate the international market by brand power, technological influence, and expanded businesses.  (November 2017)