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Taiwan, Japan ink two cooperation agreements at the 42nd Taiwan-Japan Economic and Trade Conference
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 Taiwan-Japan Relations Association issued a press release to the effect that Taiwan-Japan Relations Association and Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association had exchanged opinions with respect to expansive range of topics, such as, economy and trade at the 42nd annual Taiwan-Japan Economic and Trade Conference held in Tokyo, Japan from November 21, 2017 through November 22, 2017

 At this year’s conference, representatives from both Associations touched on issues in regard to economic policy, agriculture, forestry, fisheries/medicine and pharmaceuticals/technology exchange and intellectual property rights.  Delegations from both sides inked the agreement on Taiwan-Japan cooperation and mutual assistance in customs matters and also the MOU on Taiwan-Japan cultural exchanges.

 This is the 42nd year of the Taiwan-Japan Economic and Trade Conference.  Through the annual Conference, Taiwan and Japan have fulfilled a lot of fruitful achievements.  After this year’s conference, both sides are more willing to enhance all-round cooperation in significant aspects of economy, trade, intellectual property rights, and customs duties.  Following the inked agreements by and between the two nations, Taiwan-Japan Relations Association will continue collaboration with Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association to further enlarge the scope of Taiwan-Japan economic and trading interactions and cooperation.  (November 2017)