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1 Hon Hai andMicrosoft settle and establish new cooperative partnership Oct. 2020(E251)
2 Taiwan attains best ranking of No. 11 in 2020 IMD Global Digital Competitive Report Oct. 2020(E251)
3 AI on Chip Taiwan Alliance constructs ecosystem for AI chips in Taiwan Oct. 2020(E251)
4 Taiwan-Korea cooperative program for mutual recognition of deposit of biological materials implemented as of September 1, 2020 Sep. 2020(E250)
5 Operational Directions for the Processing of Third-Party Observations on Invention Patent Applications in effect as of September 1, 2020 Sep. 2020(E250)
6 Taiwan IPO held public hearing for amending Trademark Act to establish practice of trademark agents Sep. 2020(E250)
7 Everlight Electronics wins patent validity lawsuit against Seoul Semiconductor Aug. 2020(E249)
8 Man sentenced and ruled to pay TWD13 million for intercepting TV Station’s signals Aug. 2020(E249)
9 Commercial Case Adjudication Act and Intellectual Property and Commercial Court Organization Act to go into effect as of July 1, 2021 Aug. 2020(E249)
10 Taiwan, Czech taxation agreement to come into operation as of January 1, 2021 Aug. 2020(E249)
11 Taiwan-Korea permanent PPH MOTTAINAI program takes effect as of July 1, 2020 Jul. 2020(E248)
12 Taiwan IPO publishes analysis of trademark applications and the trend in the past decade Jul. 2020(E248)
13 Local private educational institutes ordered to pay TWD1 million damages to National Taiwan University for trademark infringement Jul. 2020(E248)
14 Taiwan’s UMC faces TWD100 million fine in trade secret theft case brought by Micron Jul. 2020(E248)
15 Taiwan’s integrated circuit products exports reaches USD10 billion in June 2020 Jul. 2020(E248)
16 Asia-Pacific headquarters of Bosch eBike Systems opens in Taichung, Taiwan Jul. 2020(E248)
17 Depo, Hyundai reach settlement in headlamp design patent lawsuit Jun. 2020(E247)
18 MPI’s Job-hopping employees prosecuted for trade secret misappropriation Jun. 2020(E247)
19 Commercial success recognized for the first time as a factor to determine inventive step by the Taiwan IP Court Jun. 2020(E247)
20 Gigastorage ruled to pay damages to Philips in DVD patent lawsuit Jun. 2020(E247)
21 Local well-known restaurant wins trademark infringement lawsuit Jun. 2020(E247)
22 Sharp sues OPPO for patent infringement in Taiwan May. 2020(E246)
23 Taiwan CIB busts biggest and most-visited piracy website May. 2020(E246)
24 Taiwan-Japan permanent PPH MOTTAINAI program takes effect as of May 1, 2020 May. 2020(E246)
25 Man ordered to pay damages for selling counterfeit Pokémon products online May. 2020(E246)
26 Local chain wholesale store Kuang Nan found not guilty for selling pirated UNO cards May. 2020(E246)
27 TIPO releases Taiwanese patent information regarding Covid-19 clinical trial drugs Apr. 2020(E245)
28 Taiwan IPO launches “Fast Track” trademark examination mechanism on May 1, 2020 Apr. 2020(E245)
29 Local well-known bookstore, Eslite loses trademark infringement lawsuit against Champion Moving Company Apr. 2020(E245)
30 Taiwan’s Hon Hai, HTC, Quanta Computer, and ITRI named Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators Mar. 2020(E244)
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