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1 Taiwan IPO announces the second draft amendment to Taiwan Patent Act Jul. 2021(E260)
2 Court finds Phoenix Silicon International’s patent invalid in patent lawsuit against Integrated Service Technology Jul. 2021(E260)
3 Taiwan IPO announces second draft amendment to Taiwan Trademark Act Jul. 2021(E260)
4 TSMC unveils innovative technologies at 2021 online Technology Symposium Jul. 2021(E260)
5 AU Optronics partners with Acer to introduce AmLED technology in Acer’s Predator gaming notebooks Jul. 2021(E260)
6 Commercial cases adjudication by Intellectual Property and Commercial Court officially in effect Jul. 2021(E260)
7 T.Y.C. Brother Industrial Co. Ltd. sued by Hyundai and Kia for patent infringement in the U.S. Jul. 2021(E260)
8 Amendment to the Patent Examination Guidelines for Computer Software-Related Inventions taking effect as of July 1, 2021 Jun. 2021(E259)
9 Japan Will Invest in TSMC’s 3DIC R&D Center Jun. 2021(E259)
10 MediaTek launches new 6nm 5G smartphone chipset Jun. 2021(E259)
11 Hon Hai and Yageo collaborate to establish XSemi to extend business into semiconductor industry Jun. 2021(E259)
12 Taiwan recognized for trade secrets protection in 2021 Special 301 Report Jun. 2021(E259)
13 Taiwan’s TSMC makes TIME’s first ever list of 100 Most Influential Companies Jun. 2021(E259)
14 Gigastorage and Philips settle CD-R patent infringement lawsuits May. 2021(E258)
15 Fast-Track Trademark Examination Mechanism officially goes into effect as of May 1, 2021 after its successful pilot run May. 2021(E258)
16 Taiwan Executive Yuan passes draft amendment to partial provisions of Copyright Act May. 2021(E258)
17 Amendment to the Patent Examination Guidelines for Computer Software-Related Inventions to take effect as of July 1, 2021 Apr. 2021(E257)
18 Taiwan IPO releases statistics of top 100 patent applicants and grants for 2020 Apr. 2021(E257)
19 Old-established braised food shop, LauTianLu wins trademark battle against local competitor Apr. 2021(E257)
20 Analysis of trademark applications filed in Taiwan for 2020 Apr. 2021(E257)
21 Phoenix Silicon International Corp. sues Integrated Service Technology Inc. over trade secrets infringement Apr. 2021(E257)
22 Taiwanese farmer ordered to pay TWD520,000 as damages for illegally cultivating new pear variety Mar. 2021(E256)
23 Well-known local hotel successfully overturns IP Court judgment on room design imitation dispute Mar. 2021(E256)
24 Criminal Investigation Bureau cracks down on illegal set top box in Taiwan Mar. 2021(E256)
25 Largan Precision Co. settles trade secret infringement lawsuit with local rival, Ability Opto-Electronics Mar. 2021(E256)
26 Giga Solar Materials Corp. and Pancolour Ink Co., Ltd. reach a settlement in trade secret infringement case Feb. 2021(E255)
27 Notice given for commencing a period of public comments for draft amendment to partial provisions of Taiwan Patent Act Feb. 2021(E255)
28 Local well-known bookstore, Eslite wins trademark infringement lawsuit against Champion Moving Company and receives monetary award Feb. 2021(E255)
29 Local famous auction group ordered to pay TWD9.08 million to Louis Vuitton Malletier for economic right and trademark right infringement Feb. 2021(E255)
30 Key points of draft amendment to partial provisions of Trademark Act published Feb. 2021(E255)
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