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1 Depo, Hyundai reach settlement in headlamp design patent lawsuit Jun. 2020(E247)
2 MPI’s Job-hopping employees prosecuted for trade secret misappropriation Jun. 2020(E247)
3 Gigastorage ruled to pay damages to Philips in DVD patent lawsuit Jun. 2020(E247)
4 Local well-known restaurant wins trademark infringement lawsuit Jun. 2020(E247)
5 Sharp sues OPPO for patent infringement in Taiwan May. 2020(E246)
6 Taiwan CIB busts biggest and most-visited piracy website May. 2020(E246)
7 Taiwan-Japan permanent PPH MOTTAINAI program takes effect as of May 1, 2020 May. 2020(E246)
8 Man ordered to pay damages for selling counterfeit Pokémon products online May. 2020(E246)
9 Local chain wholesale store Kuang Nan found not guilty for selling pirated UNO cards May. 2020(E246)
10 TIPO releases Taiwanese patent information regarding Covid-19 clinical trial drugs Apr. 2020(E245)
11 Taiwan IPO launches “Fast Track” trademark examination mechanism on May 1, 2020 Apr. 2020(E245)
12 Local well-known bookstore, Eslite loses trademark infringement lawsuit against Champion Moving Company Apr. 2020(E245)
13 Taiwan’s Hon Hai, HTC, Quanta Computer, and ITRI named Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators Mar. 2020(E244)
14 Taiwan Supreme Administrative Court finds in favor of Largan Precision Co., Ltd. in utility model patent dispute Mar. 2020(E244)
15 TIPO releases statistics of patent applications and grants for 2019 Mar. 2020(E244)
16 Taiwan IPO released IPR statistics for 2019 Mar. 2020(E244)
17 Trademark squatting occurs to the two Chinese character “鼎旺” mark held by local well-known hot pot store Mar. 2020(E244)
18 Double taxation avoidance act between Taiwan and Czech to take effect in 2021 Mar. 2020(E244)
19 HTC receives favorable judgment in a patent lawsuit against 2 Chinese smartphone makers and wins TWD28.6 million in damages Feb. 2020(E243)
20 Partial amendment to Trade Secrets Act passed to embrace “confidentiality order for investigation” system Feb. 2020(E243)
21 Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association issues “2020 White Paper on Intellectual Property” Jan. 2020(E242)
22 Taiwan IPO announces draft amendments to Trademark Act Jan. 2020(E242)
23 Draft amendment to Foreign Trade Act clear legislative floor to crack down on false labeling Jan. 2020(E242)
24 Taiwan’s legislature greenlights draft bill to establish Intellectual Property and Commercial Court Jan. 2020(E242)
25 Semiconductor-related inventions comprise the most invention patent applications in Taiwan in 2019 Dec. 2019(E241)
26 A local six-star physical checkup clinic lost a trademark dispute lawsuit to Taiwan Adventist Hospital Dec. 2019(E241)
27 Local bike manufacturer, Aster Bikes, found liable for infringement by making a false claim of co-branding with Ferrari Dec. 2019(E241)
28 Taiwan IPO and JPO ink MOU on Patent Prosecution Highway Nov. 2019(E240)
29 Taiwan IPO and JPO sign MOU on design patent priority document exchange Nov. 2019(E240)
30 Local retail outlet, Poya clears trademark infringement allegation in a trademark battle against Chanel Nov. 2019(E240)
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