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FocalTech Electronics files patent lawsuit against Novatek Microelectronics
E180921Y1.E180918Y1 | Oct. 2018(E227) Back    
 In September 2018, FocalTech Electronics, Ltd. (a subsidiary company of FocalTech Systems Co., Ltd.; hereinafter “FocalTech Electronics”) initiated a civil action with the Taiwan IP Court against Novatek Microelectronics Corp. (hereinafter “Novatek”) to assert that Novatek infringed upon FocalTech Electronics’ patents(s) by the TDDI product (touch and display driver integration).  By initiating this action, FocalTech Electronics sought removal and cease of all infringing acts and requested that FocalTech Electronics should not and should not cause any third person to manufacture, offer for sale, and sell the infringing products involved and should recall and destroy the same as well.  Also, FocalTech Electronics claimed damages against Novatek in an amount of TWD794,350,000.  (September 2018)