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Winner list of 2018 National Invention and Creation Award comes out
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 In the 2018 National Invention and Creation Award held by the Taiwan IPO, 41 out of 465 qualified entries were selected as outstanding patents.  The 41 patents won six golden prizes and twenty silver prizes in the invention category and also five golden prizes and ten silver prizes in the creation category, respectively.  Among this year’s prize winners, enterprises accounted for the largest ratio at 46.4%, followed by individual winners at 19.5%, juridical persons at 19.5%, schools at 12.2%, and governmental agencies at 2.4%.  

 The prize winning patents involves technologies of photoelectric liquid crystal, information and communication, biopharmaceutics, medical engineering materials, textile, smart machinery, circular ecology, and so forth.  These patents carry practicability and immense market value, and those originating from research and academic institutions have mostly been passed over to manufacturers under technology transfer for production.  

 In the invention category, many patents fully bring into play the superiority of Taiwan’s information and communication industry, which patents include OtO Photonics Inc.’s patent titled “Spectrometer, Manufacturing Method for Waveguide of Spectrometer and Structure Thereof” and Health Ever Bio-Tech Co., Ltd’s patent titled “Pharmaceutical Compositions of Carotenoid”.  Another prize-winning patent, “Dual-Core Self-Centering Brace”, is an invention designed specifically in response to Taiwan’s geographic location on the seismic zone.  On the other hand, in the creation category, the prize winning patents are “electric heating textile”, “linear guideway with easy-removable scraper”, “grafting auxiliary machinery”, “mobile power supply”, “portable vacuum device”, among which the “grafting auxiliary machinery” developed and improved by the Taichung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan is characterized by its function of solving the problem of grafting and seedling in farming.  The creation, “portable vacuum device” created by LI, Wen-Qin has the function of keeping food’s freshness and nutrition.  
 In addition, the “2019 Ministry of Economy Industrial Innovation Joint Award Ceremony” as well as the “Award Ceremony and Promotional Display of Award-Winning Works of the 2018 National Innovation and Creation Award” are to be held successively from April 2019, and these award winning patents will be displayed at the excellent invention area of the 2019 Taiwan Innotech Expo.  It is expected that public display and press coverage of these events will help the winning patents gain more presence and further create business opportunities for the new inventions so as to fulfill the goal of patent commercialization.  (October 2018)