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Foreign investments successfully sought at 2018 Taiwan Business Alliance Conference
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 The Ministry of Economic Affairs held the 2018 Taiwan Business Alliance Conference on October 8, 2018 and signed letters of intent with twenty-three foreign companies.  Among the twenty-three foreign companies, eight are Japan-based ones to show their greatest interest in investing Taiwan, representing 35% of the countries signing LOI with Taiwan.  The US came in at second with four companies (17%) signing the LOI, while Singapore and Switzerland each ranked 3rd (9%).  Other countries which signed the LOI included the manufacturers of New Southbound Countries, such as, Thailand.  

 In regard to the foreign investments, the U.K.-based ARM Holdings plc will continue its investment in Taiwan’s semiconductor sector, particularly in applications in the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, while Singaporean UnaBiz will be engaged in developing the technology and device of the Internet of Things.  In addition, Japanese enterprise, LINE Corp. will inject more funds into Taiwan, and BVI companies are going to establish R&D center in Taiwan to carry out the system structure, design, and development of AI services. 

 Taiwan has been acting as the leader in the sectors of semiconductors and flat panel displays and is good at process innovation and commercialization.  Supported and strengthened by its complete industrial clusters, Taiwan also attracts investments from materials, equipment, and logistics companies with manufacturing expertise.  For example, the U.S.-based Entegris Inc. will expand technology center in Taiwan and will also increase manufacture in Taiwan to meet the growing demand from the industrial applications of microelectronics and high quality graphite products.  Also, Japan-based Senju Electronic will set up semiconductors material factory in Taiwan.  

 Taiwan market easily takes in matters with respect to creation and international affairs and thus is suitable for all kinds of services, including food and beverage industry.  That is why commercial places or buildings combining shopping, leisure, and food and beverage would take off in Taiwan, which brings Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. to not only start outlet business but also is planning to open a restaurant in Taiwan.  Likewise, U.S.-based Expedia Group is planning to centralize all overseas e-commerce-related transactions in its Taiwan subsidiary for management, and Daiwa House Industry is also to build commercial settings in Taiwan.  (October 2018)