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2018 TOP 20 Taiwanese global brands revealed
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 The Industrial Development Bureau, the Ministry of Economic Affairs released the 2018 Taiwan International Brand Value List. The Bureau announced the top 20 most valuable brands in Taiwan; Asustek Computer clinched the top position for six consecutive years, while Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. (MSI) joined the ranking again on the back of its successful transformation as an e-sports brand.  Compared with last year, the most visible improvement in brand value was contributed by CTBC Holding by 13% growth.  Going through a year of more global turmoil, the top 20 brands’ total value still went upward steadily with 0.2% increase. 

 According to the brand value survey, the diversified development pattern of the Taiwan top 20 brands remained unchanged, and consumer electronics and technology sectors kept their steady growth.  For example, two brands outshone other brands in the two sectors; they are Trend Micro Inc., which has developed cloud services to correspond to the industrial trend, while Delta Electronics, Inc. has boosted innovation with smart application solutions.  Acer Inc. also had remarkable brand value performance on the back of its successful transformation.  The most visible growth was seen in financial services brands, among which CTBC Holding (by 13% growth) and Cathay Financial Holdings (by 11% growth) had demonstrated their upward power in brand value.  

 The brand value survey organizes and points out four major trends for Taiwan’s brand development, which are “intelligence driven for industrial reformation”, “enterprise alliance for breakthrough”, “brand innovation for upgrade experiencing”, and “commitment fulfillment for value enhancement”.  To begin with, the trend of “intelligence driven for industrial reformation” echoes with the rapid development of such emerging technologies as artificial intelligence and IoT that have powered the overall industrial advancement, and to correspond to that, brands will also have to involve more immediate responsive measures and integration abilities.  Next, the trend of “enterprise alliance for breakthrough” is the demonstration of the diversified trans-boundary arrangement through international brands cooperation, which is achieved by breakthrough of traditional thoughts so as to create synergy.  In addition, the trend of “brand innovation for upgrade experiencing” will subdivide the market into more sectors and professions, and as a result of that, services providing will be more precise and pertinent and thus experiencing such upgraded services will become the most dominant consumption pattern.  Finally, under the trend of “commitment fulfillment for value enhancement”, consumers will pay more attention to the brand mind and transparency of a brand, and therefore, to win consumers’ recognition of a brand will reinforce the trustworthy image of that brand.  (November 2018)