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Daimler successfully has Taiwan-based Depo convicted of patent infringement in the first instance proceedings
E190817Y1.E190816Y1 | Sep. 2019(E238) Back    
 Germany-based Daimler (hereinafter “Daimler”) initiated a civil lawsuit against Taiwan-based Depo Auto Parts Industrial Co. Ltd. (“Depo”), the leading vehlamp manufacturer in Taiwan, claiming that Depo infringed upon its Taiwanese design patent No. D128047, titled “headlights for vehicles”, by the products manufactured and sold by Depo.  Depo’s made refutation by pointing out that Daimler’s design patent should be invalid and thus there should be no occurrence of infringement alleged against Depo, and also that Daimler abused its market position.  On August 16, 2019, in the first instance proceedings, the IP Court ruled in favor of Daimler by sustaining Depo’s infringement and awarded Daimler TWD30 million payable by Depo. (August 2019)