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2019 Taiwan Innotech Expo rounded off with Taiwan’s creativity and innovation on full display to the world
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 The three-day Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE) successfully came to a close on September 28, 2019 with more than 45,000 international and local professionals’ and visitors’ participation.  A broad display of products and inventions came from 30 different countries to attract buyers and visitors mainly from 37 countries, including Mainland China, Japan, Korea, USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Canada, Egypt, Singapore, Vietnam and others.  The biggest local winner that walked away with two Platinum Awards and numerous gold, silver, and bronze awards is Taiwan’s National Central University.  Featured by a great diversity of inventions, TIE has earned full recognition from foreign inventors and made itself one of the top trading and retail platforms for patents and inventions.  

  More than 1,000 patented technologies and products were put on display in major pavilions.  Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency worked with some of Taiwan’s major technology companies to display the latest self-driving car, central control platform, related components, and smart application services thereof at the Future Technology Pavilion, in the hope of presenting Taiwan’s autonomous vehicle capabilities and R&D strength.  Moreover, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) showcased its dye-sensitized battery at the Sustainability Pavilion.  ITRI’s dye-sensitized battery is featured by its advantages of light weight, low cost, and the low power threshold that it can still generate electricity even in indoor settings with a low illuminance of around 200 lumens.  Besides, the Innovative Invention Pavilion attracted interest from foreign and international inventors and demonstrated 59 innovative technologies, which has not only contributed to transnational communication and patent-related cooperation but also almost TWD1 million generated in trade value as estimated by the Ministry of Science and Technology.  It is a fruitful outcome showing that Taiwan’s creativity has been fully recognized in the international grand stage.  

  Arranged by Taiwan IPO, the Excellent Inventions Pavilion had 41 inventions winning Taiwan’s National Invention and Creation Award for 2018.  These inventions covered various industries of circular economy, intelligent machinery, optoelectronic liquid crystal, information and communication, biotechnology and medicine, medical engineering materials, and presented to the world Taiwan’s full and innovative power and strength.  Moreover, the two main foreign participant groups, Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA) and Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA) also stated that as one of the top innovation shows in Asia, TIE continues growing in size and provides a representative and prestigious platform for foreign inventors to show their inventions.  For them, TIE is an yearly grand invention meeting they cannot be absent from.  (September 2019)