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Taiwan IPO and JPO ink MOU on Patent Prosecution Highway
E191030Y1 | Nov. 2019(E240) Back    
 On October 30, 2019, Taiwan-Japan Relations Association and Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association signed an MOU on Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH), through which Taiwan IPO and the JPO will cooperate to provide more efficient and convenient patent examination services to applicants.  

 Ever since May 2012, Taiwan IPO and JPO has launched the PPH pilot program and modified the program to the PPH MOTTAINAI in 2014 and further extended the trial program for three years in 2017.  More than the applications filed under the other PPH programs Taiwan IPO is currently working with, there have been 3,426 requests filed for the expedited examination under the PPH program with the JPO until September 2019.  Under the PPH program with Japan, the average first OA pendency is 1.21 months, while the average disposal time is 3.77 months.  Also in view of the excellent performance of the PPH program, Taiwan IPO and the JPO both agree to start a permanent program on May 1, 2020 upon expiration of the pilot program so as to continue providing applicants with stable and convenient PPH services.  (October 2019)