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Taiwan IPO and JPO sign MOU on design patent priority document exchange
E191030Y1 | Nov. 2019(E240) Back    
 Taiwan-Japan Relations Association and Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association signed an MOU for electronic exchange of priority documents for design patent on October 30, 2019.  This is an extension of the MOU inked in 2013 on PDX for invention and utility model patent applications (priority document exchange) between Taiwan and Japan, which has been widely used by both Taiwanese and Japanese applicants and now is extended in its scope of application to design patent applications as well, so as to save applicants’ time in paperwork mailing, simplify cross-country application procedures, and also to make the priority documents exchange mechanism more complete and comprehensive.  Once the mechanism has been fully and thoroughly developed and tested, the service is expected to be officially launched in April 2021.  (October 2019)