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HTC receives favorable judgment in a patent lawsuit against 2 Chinese smartphone makers and wins TWD28.6 million in damages
E200122Y1 | Feb. 2020(E243) Back    
 HTC Corporation (hereinafter “HTC”) recently triumphed in a patent lawsuit in China against two Chinese smartphone makers, Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 珠海市魅族科技有限公司; hereinafter “Meizu”) and ShenZhen Gionee Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 深圳市金立通信設備有限公司; hereinafter “Gionee”).  Beijing Intellectual Property Court sustained Meizu’s and Gionee’s infringement upon HTC’s invention patent involving a mobile device, by the two companies’ respective infringing products, Meizu’s Mailan Note 5 and Gionee’s Gionee M6.  

 According to Beijing Intellectual Property Court’s judgment favorable to HTC, the infringed patent is a mobile device that has a metal chassis with a specific antenna structure.  This invention has an aim to solve a technical problem of poor radiation signal caused by the shielding of the metal casing by designing an antenna structure that is combined with a metal appearance.  This design has also been initially used and applied onto the HTC One M7 and serves as the main feature of HTC’s flagship phone.  HTC has used this design onto its products until its release of U11 featured by an all-glass build.  

 Beijing Intellectual Property Court ruled that Meizu and Gionee should compensate HTC for economic loss and other expenses in a total of amount around RMB6.5 million (equivalent to TWD28.6 million approximately).  (January 2020)