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Sharp sues OPPO for patent infringement in Taiwan
E200407X1.E200407Y1 | May. 2020(E246) Back    
 Sharp Corporation (hereinafter “Sharp”) filed a lawsuit with Taiwan IP Court for patent infringement against the Taiwan agent of Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter “OPPO”) on April 1, 2020, claiming that OPPO infringes one of its LTE patents by the smartphone OPPO sold in Taiwan and demanding that OPPO’s agent in Taiwan be enjoined from selling the infringing products.  

 Sharp emphasized that they have successfully obtained more than 6,000 wireless communications standard patents across more than 50 countries (regions), deploying a complete and perfect patent portfolio that serves as a major resource of expanding Sharp’s global business and patent licensing.  Therefore, to protect their brand value and rights and also to safeguard their intellectual property rights from infringement, Sharp will take strict measures against any infringing acts.  (April 2020)