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Comparison and analysis of invention patents applications filed with Taiwan IPO and under the PCT in 2019
E201020Y1 | Nov. 2020(E252) Back    
 Taiwan IPO issued the comparative analysis of invention patent applications received by Taiwan IPO and under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) in 2019.  The analysis reveals that the numbers of invention patent applications filed with Taiwan IPO for the past three years have been rising to 45,650 cases in 2019, experiencing a year-on-year increase of 2.6%, and likewise, the PCT applications have been seeing the similar sustained growth for ten years to rise to an estimated number of 265,800 cases in 2019, marking a 5.2% rise from the previous year.  

 The analysis by nationality demonstrates a sustained growth in the numbers of both domestic and foreign applications for the past three years.  In 2019 alone, invention patent applications filed by resident applicants amounted to 18,294 cases, comprising 40.1% of the total applications, while the other 59.9%, in the number of 27,356 cases, were contributed by non-resident applicants, most of which were filed by Japanese applicants that surpassed those from the US and China.  Japan, the US, and China all saw their respective growth in the number of applications.  As for the nationality of the applicants of the PCT applications, China took the lead to claim the top honor by a leap of 10.6% to be followed by the US and Japan.  

 In addition, a breakdown by technological field shows that patents relating to semiconductor have made up the most invention patent applications filed with Taiwan IPO for the past five years, accounting for 11.6% of all applications filed in 2019.  The category of semiconductor patents was trailed by the categories of computing technology, electromechanical energy devices, and optics.  As for the PCT applications, the category of computing technology topped the ranking to be ahead of the categories of digital communication and electromechanical energy devices, and the categories of semiconductor and optics ranked 9th and 10th, respectively.

 All major filing countries (regions), except for Germany and Hong Kong, filed invention patent applications for the category of semiconductor among the top three technological fields, and Japan, the US, and South Korea filed the most applications for semiconductor.  On the other hand, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong filed the most invention applications for computing technology, while Germany, for organic precision chemistry.  

 For the PCT applications, all major countries, except for Germany, filed for computing technology, while it was China and South Korea that submitted the most applications for digital communication patents, while computing technology was the top target for the US filings, and electromechanical energy devices for Japan and transportation for Germany, which shows a prioritized technological fields very different from that of Taiwan.  (Released 2020.10.20)