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Taiwan takes home seven R&D 100 Awards
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 Widely recognized as the “Oscars of Innovation”, the R&D 100 Awards announced the winners for 2020.  The research institutions supported and governed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs won six awards, marking the 13th consecutive year in which Taiwanese technologies and products are identified as technologically significant winners.  

 Supported by the Technology Development Programs of the Department of Industrial Technology and the Industrial Energy Technology Program of the Bureau of Energy, the technologies singled out as winners include the Industrial Technology Research Institute’s “Dye-sensitized Cell as Energy Source of Sensors (D-EOS)”, “Networked Amid Epoxy Polymer Electrolyte for Solid State Lithium-Ion Batteries (NAEPE)”, and “A Smart-Care Solution for Chronic Wounds (iSCare)”, the Metal Industries Research and Development Center’s “Continuously Rotating Wind Turbine UAV Inspection System” and “Controllable Hydro-Reactive Magnesium Alloy”, and the Institute for Information Industry’s “Production Decision Support System with Digital Twins Solution for Bicycle Industry (PDSS)”.  These winners have been working with Formosa Plastics Corp., CPC Corporation, Taiwan, Amita Technologies, Inc., and Gus Technology for trial production of these technologies.  

 This year, only 16 of 100 awards went to entrants outside the US, and 7 of those went to the teams from Taiwan, and 5 to Japan, which means Taiwan’s capacity in technological development and innovation is highly visible to and recognized by the world.  In particular, the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan has collected 44 R&D 100 awards for thirteen years in a row, and 90% of their winning technologies have been applied and transferred to the industry to create new value.  (Released 2020.10.06)