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Winner list of 2020 National Invention and Creation Award comes out
E201102Y1.E201030Y1 | Dec. 2020(E253) Back    
 Taiwan IPO made public the winning patents of the 2020 National Invention and Creation Award by selecting 43 top-quality patents, which won 6 golden prizes and 20 silver prizes in the invention category and also 5 golden prizes and 12 silver prizes in the creation category, respectively, with a total of 8.6 million grants received.  

 According to Taiwan IPO, there were a total of 583 qualified patents competing for the awards in 2020, and the prize winning entries involved the technologies of photoelectric liquid crystal, information and communication, biopharmaceutics, medical engineering materials, smart machinery, circular economy, and so forth.  In the invention category, the selected patents include “Image Device Corresponding to Depth Information/Panoramic Image and Related Image System Thereof”, “Channel-Based Positioning Device, System and Method Thereof”, “Quinoxaline Compounds as Type III Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Ihibitors”, “Cutting tool holder”, “Force-limited damping device”, and “Lens Module and Eye Fundus Camera Including the Same”.  A lot of the winning patents take full advantage of Taiwan’s superiority in the industry of biotechnology and biomedical engineering. For example, Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc.’s patent, “Lens Module and Eye Fundus Camera Including the Same” is a hand-held fundus retina photography optical equipment combining optical lens module and lighting system, characterized by its superior features and functions of compact and lightweight size, mydriasis-free, high-speed photography, and instant image display, and recording and transmitting high-resolution digital optical images of the eyeball in medical level.  This invention has been patented in the U.S., China, and Europe, and has been embodied in ODM products and other commercialized goods for sale on the market.  With high technical R&D performance and clear-cut patent value, this patent enjoys high degree of commercialization and market potential.  

 In the creation category, the prize winning patents include “A Co-Gate Electrode Between Pixels Structure”, “Reinforcement Steel Friction Welding Machine”, “Head Mounted Display”, “Pots and Pans”, and “Handheld Vacuum Pumping Device”, etc..  Among these winning patents, Darhung Machinery Co., Ltd.’s “Reinforcement Steel Friction Welding Machine” is featured by its abilities to solve the disadvantages of traditional hydraulic cylinder welding machine that lack stable thrust force, stable welding quality, and has to adjust pressure step by step.  As opposed to the traditional welding machines, the patent “Reinforcement Steel Friction Welding Machine” possesses the advantages of high output, precision, quality, stability, and commercial value and will hold high market share for its sale in both domestic and foreign markets.  (Released 2020.11.02)