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Positive Patent Examination Pilot Program for Startup Companies” implemented from January 5, 2021
E201224Y1.E201204Y1 | Jan. 2021(E254) Back    
 Taiwan IPO enacted and promulgated the “Positive Patent Examination Pilot Program for Startup Companies”, which is formulated specifically for startup companies to give priority to patent applications filed by newly established companies and allow eligible applicants to conduct positive interviews.  During positive interviews, applicants will be informed of the grounds for rejecting their applications and be provided with advice on amendments of applications to shorten examination process.  

 For the invention patent applications which are filed by startup company applicants eligible for this program are given priority for examination and are rejected, the Taiwan IPO will provide interview materials and also arrange a time for positive interview within one (1) month after receipt of the applications for positive patent examination.  Examiners will provide advice on amendments of such applications on a case-by-case basis.  If the applicants submit responses or amendments within a designated time period, Taiwan IPO will issue a notice of examination result within one (1) month after receiving the same.  That is to say, the eligible startup applicants may acquire patents within four (4) months. 

 The procedural requirements of this program are that there are no charges for the application itself and for positive interview, and applications must be filed electronically, and this program is limited to a total of 30 test applications only.  The trial period of this pilot program has begun as of January 5, 2021.  Relevant information or details are provided on the Taiwan IPO’s website.  (Released 2020.12.24)