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Court finds Phoenix Silicon International’s patent invalid in patent lawsuit against Integrated Service Technology
E210605Y1.E210604Y1 | Jul. 2021(E260) Back    
 Phoenix Silicon International Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Phoenix Silicon”) filed a lawsuit to assert patent infringement against Integrated Service Technology (hereinafter referred to as “IST”).  The Taiwan IP Court determined and found Phoenix Silicon’s patent in question to be invalid in the first instance proceedings by a judgment and further affirmed its decision in the second instance proceedings.  Phoenix Silicon’s appeal was dismissed accordingly.  

 According to IST, Phoenix Silicon appealed against the IP Court’s first instance judgment rendered on June 23, 2020 and insisted on its allegation that IST infringed upon its No. I588880 Taiwanese invention patent.  

 However, the IP Court further adjudicated this case in the second instance proceedings and still established and reaffirmed the lack of inventive step of Phoenix Silicon’s No. I588880 patent, “manufacturing process of wafer thinning” on the ground that the patent can be easily made by a person having ordinary skill in the art.  Therefore, the IP Court decided that the patent in question should be invalid.  (Released 2021.06.05)