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Smart energy network in Taiwan to take a step ahead Taiwan’s Gogoro, Taipower, Enel X partner up to make Taiwan’s power grid smarter
E211026Y5 | Nov. 2021(E264) Back    
 On October 26, 2021, the Taiwan-based electric scooter maker and global technology leader in battery swapping ecosystems, Gogoro announced that it is teaming up with the state-run Taiwan Power Company (“Taipower”) to develop the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, by which the energy stored in the electric vehicle batteries at Gogoro’s battery swapping stations can be transferred back to Taipower’s power grid to establish the world’s first bidirectional charging system via Gogoro’s battery swap stations.  

 Another Taiwan-based company, Enel X also works with Gogoro to aggregate distributed energy resources, integrate battery swapping facilities, and also to provide assistance and support in Taipower’s power swapping platform. Technical collaboration by and among the three companies will actualize more effective energy management and make power grid in Taiwan smarter.  

 Horace Luke, Gogoro’s chief executive office said that the smart batteries Gogoro has at its stations will be able to generate 1.3 GWh by the end of 2021.  Gororo’s technical partnership with Taipower and Enel X will not only smooth out the temporary spikes in electricity demand but also make battery swapping platform the indispensable energy storage facility of electricity grid.  

 With more effective ways to distribute and utilize energy, Gogoro Network is to transform the densely-populated urban city into a smart one through the world’s largest battery swapping station, to forge the unprecedented smart energy network, and ultimately to establish a model that successfully accomplishes effective management and balance of energy network.  (Released 2021.10.26)