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Taiwan officially launches design patent priority document exchange program as of January 1, 2022
E211230Y1 | Jan. 2022(E266) Back    
 For broadening the scope of service of electronic priority document exchange mechanism (hereinafter briefly referred to as “PDX” program) and making it more comprehensive and robust, Taiwan IPO and Japan Patent Office signed the MoU on Design Patent Priority Document Exchange in 2019 to include design patents into the scope of applicability of the PDX program.  Through both countries’ intensive development and frequent testing, the interfacing function of the mechanism has been successfully constructed, and thus, the PDX program has officially begun its service since January 1, 2022.  

 The PDX program saves design patent applicants’ time in paperwork mailing and simplifies cross-border application procedure, which will expedite patent examination.  Applicants of both countries are encouraged to take advantage of the PDX program. (Released 2021.12.30)