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Three suspects prosecuted for stealing trade secrets of Taiwanese optics company in Southern Taiwan Science Park
E220317X4 | Jun. 2022(E268) Back    
 Trade secret theft occurred to an optics company based in Southern Taiwan Science Park when one of the company’s former sales managers, surnamed Wang (hereinafter referred to as “Wang”) colluded with one of its former employees, surnamed Chen (hereinafter referred to as “Chen”) and a Chinese sales manager, surnamed Zhou (hereinafter referred to as “Zhou”) to steal the company’s trade secrets and incorporate a new company and thus earn more than TWD18.22 million in illicit profits.  For this occurrence, Ciaotou District Prosecutors Office charged the three former employees with the offense of disclosing trade secrets and had their illicit profits seized on March 17, 2022.  

 The investigation on Wang’s accounting books revealed that two shell companies in China had been using the company’s stolen trade secrets for selling products to university research labs and private companies in China and Hong Kong to earn around TWD18,22 million in illegal income and TWD14,22 million thereof has been seized by Ciaotou District Court.  

 The prosecutor ended the investigation and concluded that the three suspects, Wang, Chen, and Zhou are suspected of unlawfully acquiring and using the company’s trade secrets, and Wang and Zhou are also suspected of committing the offense of trade secret disclosure as defined by the Trade Secrets Act of Taiwan.  Moreover, acting as the key offender, Wang is also charged with unauthorized reproduction and disclosure of the company’s trade secrets.  The three suspects have been prosecuted and their illicit gains have also been seized accordingly.  (Released 2022.03.17)