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Hon Hai offers licenses to 1400 patents royalty-free to back up local startups
E220315Y1 | Jun. 2022(E268) Back    
 On March 15, 2022, Taiwan-based electronics manufacturing giant, Hon Hai Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as “Hon Hai”) announced a program that is formulated and implemented, based on its patenting strategy for patents of quality, quantity, and multipurpose and also in the spirit of patent-sharing, to back up local startups by granting to them free access to over 1400 patents and also by providing free patent consultation service.  Resting on its existing patents and patent management experiences, Hon Hai supports startups through this program, under which startups will be able to ease their risk burden arising from innovation research and development in the early stage of operation and to bring their innovation into full play and ultimately to round out their patent portfolio.  By launching this program, Hon Hai aims to establish a patent sharing system that will properly and fully operate to back up local startup companies and create more value.  

 Under the program, priority will be given to the startups that have been incorporated for less than two years and whose technologies, products, and scope of business in keeping with Hon Hai’s targeted core technology and future development.  Startup companies will have access to the patents for three years under royalty-free and non-exclusive license after their applications have been approved.  Hon Hai will first grant licenses to over 1400 patents involving innovations relating to information and communications, touch panels, process improvement, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, wearable devices, signal control, motors, and machinery and structure, etc..  Relevant patent information is available on Hon Hai’s official website.  (Released 2022.03.15)