NARLabs and Imec join hands to develop advanced imaging and optics technologies
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 On September 20, 2018, Taiwan’s National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) and Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre (Imec) signed a memorandum of understanding.  Under this MOU, Taiwan’s Instrument Technology Research Centre of NARLabs (ITRC-NARLabs) and Imec Taiwan will closely collaborate to develop advanced imaging and optics applications including development on demand of electronic systems, design of instruments for industry and manufacturing quality inspection, feasibility studies and prototyping, which will help customers build future generation devices based on scientific methods and shorten their time to market.

 The President of NARLabs, Professor Yeong-Her Wang indicated that Imec is an international well-known research center and ITRC-NARLabs has committed itself to optics, vacuum technology, and opto-mechatronics integration technology, etc. for a long period of time.  Initiating their R&D collaboration since 2014, Imec Taiwan and ITRC-NARLabs have had mutual pleasant cooperation and the past experiences have contributed to their signing this MOU for a closer collaboration on advanced hyperspectral imaging technology and wearable device applications.  

 This collaboration is expected to build and enhance NARLabs’ future partnership with global companies and to increase Taiwan’s visibility, reputation, and influence in instrument technology field.  (September 2018)