Six Taiwanese inventions win 2018 R&D 100 Awards
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 A total of six Taiwanese innovations were selected as the winners by the 2018 R&D 100 Awards, which has been widely recognized as the “Oscars of invention”.  Among the six winning technologies, three of them were submitted by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), two by the Institute for Information Industry (III), and the other one by Taiwan Main Orthopaedics Biotechnology Co. Ltd..  Taiwan’s winning inventions stood out and shined among more than 1000 competing entries, showing Taiwan’s innovative force that has been fully recognized by the R&D 100 Awards program for eleven consecutive years and also representing a success of the Technology Development Programs launched by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.  
 ITRI’s winning inventions include “Functional Dyeing Synchronized with CO2 Supercritical Technology”, “Portable UVC LED Water Sterilizer System”, and “Automatic Police UAV Patrol System”.  III’s selected winning inventions are “Hybrid MassLINK Bus Stop” and “Streaming Analytics System for Manufacturing Performance Monitoring” that uses big data analytics to boost speed and accuracy.  The other award-winning invention was the worldwide exclusive technology of “Smart Surgical Glasses System Designed to Aid in Minimally Invasive Surgery” presented by Taiwan Main Orthopaedics Biotechnology Co. Ltd..  (November 2018)